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Traffic Controller and Wayfinder

Assisting Your Guests In Every Way Possible

Traffic Controller

Especially useful in high-traffic areas, such as main drives, entrances and garages, the traffic controller effectively moves traffic to its intended destination and coordinates the valet attendants to quickly move vehicles through the valet line, minimizing visitor’s waiting time. By monitoring congestion and traffic speed, traffic controllers also keep pedestrians around your facility and entryways safe from harm.

Traffic controllers effectively eliminate unattended curbside vehicles, enforce short-term drop-off and pick-up policies, provide directions to alternate parking areas and direct delivery vehicles to the appropriate area. In constant contact with security, traffic controllers are able to report incidents and/or accidents and resolve any situations that may arise.

By effectively managing the flow of vehicles, our traffic controllers allow your guests to safely, easily and conveniently access your facility.


When your hotel is having several parties and events, sometimes guest and visitors become overwhelmed; the wayfinder cures this.

Recognizing that someone needs assistance and providing quick and easy directions to specific locations on property, makes this individual a part of your staff that will make your hotel stand out amongst the others.

Not necessarily a full-time position, not always on site, but when they are needed Seven One Seven Parking provides a knowledgeable staff member to add to our front door team.


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