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Use of Personal Information

Any information you submit through Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises’ website will be held in the strictest confidence. In no way will your personal information ever be used without your consent. Forms are used just to send email, post messages, etc. Be assured that we do not sell our name and address lists. If you choose to receive information from us, you will receive the requested information with no additional unrequested solicitation.

The only information we automatically collect is that related to the use of our website. This information is anonymous and is gathered through our servers’ log files. These log files record generic information, such as the number of visits our website receives, the types of browsers used and the number of files downloaded, but never personal information. This log file information allows us to create better content aimed at our viewer’s preferences.

Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises does not collect information that personally identifies individuals except when individuals provide such specific information on a voluntary basis. There may be occasions where specific personal information is requested before an individual can enter certain sections of Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises’ site or for participation in a certain program. This kind of registration helps us to ensure that content standards are rigorously upheld or that contact can be made with those registered (most cases this is an employee of Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises). In all such cases, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises will collect only information that is voluntarily provided by the user and undertakes that such information will be kept strictly confidential. Any such individual information provided to Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises will not be sold or made available to a third party. Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises does reserve the right, however, to perform statistical analysis from the information you provide so as to improve our services or to gather marketing information. Only aggregated data from these analysis, not individual data, will be used for this purpose.

Use of Cookies

Some of our pages use a feature of your browser called a “cookie.” Cookies, by themselves, are not able to extract any personal information from you. This cookie automatically identifies your computer – but not you – to our servers when you visit our site. Unless you specifically tell us, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises will never know who you are, even though we may assign your computer a cookie. Also, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises’ website can only read cookies created by Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises’ website.

Cookies allow us to personalize our site for you and to provide you with information that fits your needs and desires. For instance, if as an employee you register online, a cookie is written to your computer so that you will not need to type information in the future to obtain certain areas of the Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises’ website.

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Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises knows that your privacy is very important to you. We welcome questions and comments regarding this policy, so feel free to contact us at Because technologies on the Internet change so quickly, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises reserves the right to modify its Privacy Statement from time to time.

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