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Over 4,000 Additional Riders Join the Central Avenue Looper Shuttle Service in Saint Petersburg

November 10th, 2009

St. Petersburg, FL – November 10, 2009 – Bay to Bay Transportation a subsidiary of Seven One Seven Parking Services, Inc., a leading provider of parking management, valet parking services, and transportation services, has announced that in the first month of operating the new Central Avenue Looper Shuttle Service in Saint Petersburg Florida that just over 4,000 additional commuters rode the Looper Service using the Central Avenue route. The new service started on October 4, 2009, and since then 4,012 people have been shuttled from the downtown waterfront to the Grand Central District.

Like the Looper trolley that runs from the Pier to the Dali Museum, the Central Avenue Shuttle costs only 25 cents and runs every 15 minutes. The new Central Avenue Shuttle operates Sunday-Saturday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM, and Friday-Saturday 10:00 AM-12:00 AM.

“Of course we are very excited to not only continue operating the Looper Shuttle services, but to have that service expand to include the Central Avenue route is very exciting,” remarked Jason Accardi, President, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises. “We are confident that as more people learn of this new service the local businesses will see increases of patrons, and those customers will have an increasingly easy commute to get where they need to be.”

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