Parking Technology

717 Parking Enterprises has established relationships with vendors of parking software and equipment. They provide the most technologically advanced products on the market. 717 Parking Enterprises does not actually sell these products. However, we are well acquainted with the best technology available. We keep updated on new technology and when appropriate pass these ideas along to our clients.

The companies we have established relationships with provide advanced parking technology in both software and hardware. Some of their products include:

  • Booths
  • Access Gates
  • Card Readers
  • Fee Computers
  • Ticket Spitters
  • Customer Request Kiosks
  • Valet Parking System
  • Dial-up Request Module
  • Pay On Foot Equipment
  • Pay Per Space Equipment
  • Pay Per Display Equipment
  • Hand Held PC Devices (for enforcement)
  • Integrated License Plate Recognition
  • Accounts Receivable Information Systems

parking technology

Our Technology Partners

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