Training Standards

Our twenty-four years of experience providing over-the-top customer service at some of the most recognized properties nationwide is assembled into a unique management-training program designed to create the best hospitality managers in the industry.All of our employees attend the 717 At Your Service™ Hospitality Training Program, and must successfully complete the curriculum before serving at your facility. Your Parking Management Hospitality Team will also participate in corporate classroom and on-site training to ensure that our teams meet the standards of your facility, and to help us continually upgrade our services at your property.

We train our employees to conduct themselves with an intuitive and heightened awareness to the special needs of customer service, traffic control, visitor traffic flow, demographics and your facility’s goals. As part of 717 At Your Service™, our commitment to training and development, we prepare our employees to perform professionally and efficiently with an unmatched level of service at each facility.


Quality Control

We carefully assess our performance to make necessary improvements and ensure that our clients are receiving ideal service. With the constant need for quality services in the hospitality industry, we expect nothing but the best from our team, so we undertake stringent, on-going training programs.

We also continually measure quality performance by our staff with varying methods, including frequent management visits, Secret Shopper visits, Comment Cards provided by patrons and regular employee performance reviews and evaluations.

Creating a national standard of training is just the beginning. Communication also plays a key role in helping Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises stand out from our competitors. Managers are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to answer questions, resolve problems and make decisions on the spot.

These progressive techniques consistently result in higher guest satisfaction scores. This management-driven system is what makes us different, and why more businesses are turning to us for parking, transportation and hospitality services.

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