A Superior Hospitality Team

At Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises, we believe that people are not born professionals, they are trained. We understand that, as a service-oriented business, our employees contribute to the success and reputation of the properties we serve.

The goal of every Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises employee is to promote a professional, engaging atmosphere, creating trust and peace of mind from the moment visitors and staff arrive on your property, until the moment they leave.

At the core of professionalism is integrity. Our hospitality team adheres to an uncompromising code of ethics. Emphasizing honesty, sincerity and reliability, we earn the trust of our clients and their patrons every day. You can rest assured that your guests are receiving the treatment they deserve.

Unique Management Style

Our unique management style and approach to hospitality is what sets us apart from many of our competitors. Rather than talk about quality, we live by it. Excellence starts at the top; we strive for superior performance from senior staff, to managers, to every employee on-site at your facility. Our complete staff training program begins with a few simple standards of professionalism and courtesy that all employees adhere to, whether they are assisting with your front door needs, concierge, parking or customer transportation.

  • Uniform appearance and grooming
  • Specific arrival greeting
  • Specific departure greeting
  • Speak clearly, smile, and maintain eye contact

Your parking and hospitality team is the first and last impression many of your visitors will experience. At Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises, we ensure that every patron’s experience is a positive one by hiring the best employees and providing a training program that prepares them to perform professionally and efficiently at every level.

No other parking or hospitality company trains and assesses job performance more than Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises. We believe it is imperative that our hospitality team members, team leaders and front line managers understand how every decision they make contributes to the strength and growth of our company and the reputation of the properties we serve.

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