Parking Planning

717 Parking Enterprises brings to each new client operational experience that makes us uniquely qualified to develop parking strategies that will increase revenue while decreasing costs. Our expertise also provides our clients with effective guidance, allowing them to make cost effective informed decisions regarding their parking requirements.

Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises provides these services to assist our clients with the guidance necessary for the design, development and construction of your parking facilities.

Finding Revenue-Generating Opportunities

Based on our operational experience, our Consultation Team can recommend a comprehensive, cost-effective operational site plan. The plan is unique in model and character, tailored to meet the goals and needs of each facility. Our Consultation Team will explain the benefits of implementing the recommended operational plan, which may result in increased parking revenue and reduced operational expenses.

Consultation for Parking Facilities

In addition to streamlining existing parking and transportation operations, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises can provide guidance for the design, development and construction of new parking facilities. Our Consultants meticulously study the facility, its traffic flow and existing parking structures to determine methods to help the facility run more smoothly and efficiently.

Following an operation agreement, routine consulting, and advisory services are available at no additional charge above the agreed management fee and out-of-pocket expenses. Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises’ consultation and evaluation services include:

  • Detailed Functional Design

    These consist of parking planning elements such as actual car capacity, equipment location, and general garage or surface lot specifications.

  • Ambassador Program

    It is essential for facilities to maintain a functional, accommodating establishment capable of meeting the needs of guests. The simplest facility restriction can generate an excess of difficulties in a high traffic environment. Our Ambassador Program provides a detailed facility evaluation, leading to a convenient and helpful environment where exceptional customer service is always delivered.

  • Site Feasibility and Analysis

    The feasibility of an existing site’s parking design is analyzed to understand the size and construction type to ensure the most functional and efficient operation is utilized.

  • Parking and Operation Analysis

    A complete study of the existing parking operation is undertaken to evaluate the current revenue, labor, and expenses.

Consultation and Site Feasibility Studies

When you decide to build a totally new hotel, apartment building, office building or nightclub, one of the areas that is not usually given too much attention in the beginning is parking. Consultation on this segment of the project by Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises assists our client in developing the most efficient and cost effective parking plan. Providing our clients with information on how many handicap spaces are needed, should their facility include electric charging stations, how many parking spaces are needed and what size should they be (compact vs standard sized) are all pieces of the puzzle that Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises assists in fitting into place.

Conducting Feasibility Studies when the idea for a project is just getting to plan stages, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises provides our clients with information that allows them to make informed decisions. Should you have a garage or a surface parking lot? How many spaces should you plan for? Should the parking be charged or free? Answers to these questions prior to actual design phase can save our clients considerable money and make their facility more guest friendly.

The result of our consultation, evaluation, analysis, and recommendation is two-fold. You receive an operational plan that is individual in design and that differentiates your facility from other facilities. More importantly, our custom solutions will help your facility run more smoothly and efficiently by taking the guesswork out of parking management. Click here for a directory of the locations where we provide parking management services.
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