In business since 1990, and still owned and operated by the original founders of the company, Seven One Seven Parking Enterprises has over 2,500 employees and manages over 200 sites nationwide. Upper management staff have more than 70 years combined industry experience at every level of valet parking, hospitality and transportation services.

It is our thorough understanding of the needs and requirements of every facility, and our extensive experience with every facet of hospitality parking and transportation that has firmly placed us at the forefront of our industry.

Our Expertise, Your Bottom Line

Experience becomes critical when designing and managing a parking or transportation plan that works from day one. A well-run hospitality parking program will dramatically reduce the cost and liability associated with accidents, theft and damage; eliminate staffing headaches, insurance costs or claims, and alleviate traffic congestion while increasing safety levels.

Our extensive experience in the management of parking facilities, from multi-story parking garages to self-pay surface lots, will help maximize revenue and minimize costs, while increasing customer satisfaction and improving the image of your facility. Finally, with our guidance in the design, development and construction of your parking facility, you can turn nominal revenue-generating operations and traditional cost centers into profit centers.

Tailored Solutions

We’ve provided services to facilities parking 200 cars a week, to over 5,000 cars per week. We’ve managed parking lots with 75 parking spaces to garages that have over 1,000 parking spaces. We’ve provided everything from golf cart transportation, to shuttle transport for facilities that employ over 10,000 employees, 24 hours per day.

We understand that a one-size-fits-all program simply will not do for your facility, or any other. This is why we screen, train and handpick the Hospitality Team that will work on the frontline of your facility. It is also the reason why we never implement a “cookie-cutter” parking, transportation or hospitality plan. The plans we create are as individual in character and design as each of the facilities we serve.

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